Opentop’s first Acceleration Program starts with four new startups

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19/01/2023. Opentop, the open innovation hub of Valenciaport, started yesterday its first acceleration program with four startups that will solve challenges in the port logistics sector proposed by Boluda Corporación Marítima, Port Authority of Valencia and Opentop: Canonical Green, SensingTools, DMS Logistics and Gandolapp.

On the same day, the Demo Day of the incubation program took place, which closes its first edition. At the event, the startups incubated during the last three months: Metric Salad, Desafío en azul, We are Lab and Code Contract presented the progress made during the program and their solutions to port logistics challenges to a representation of the sector and the innovation and investment ecosystem.


Startups starting up in the Opentop acceleration program

The Port Authority of Valencia and Boluda Corporación Marítima have proposed two of the four challenges of the program, which together with two other «Opentop» challenges complete the four of the call.

In the challenge presented by Boluda Corporación Marítima, whose objective was to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations while minimizing investment risk, the startup selected was Canonical Green. Its solution involves optimization based on artificial intelligence for a cleaner, safer and more efficient maritime transport.

The challenge proposed by the Port Authority of Valencia aims to predict daily port traffic based on the application of digital technologies, integrating data from multiple heterogeneous sources. For this challenge, the selected startup has been SensingTools, a Spin Off of the Universitat Politècnica de València that provides a solution that integrates both physical sensors, such as citizen opinion and digital twins to generate a complete view of any environment with predictive capabilities.

The last two challenges were launched by Opentop. With the first one, a solution is sought to predict the time that each container will remain in the port. In this case, the startup selected was the French company DMS Logistics and its artificial intelligence platform to decongest and decarbonize container terminals.

The second of Opentop’s challenges pursues the automatic planning of the activities of the parties involved in maritime-terrestrial intermodality. In this case, the startup selected to solve it has been Gandolapp, a virtual voice companion for carriers that improves the in-cabin experience, digitizes operations and optimizes communications.

Opentop’s acceleration program

The four selected startups began yesterday the acceleration program to, during the 6 months of duration, have access to the cluster of companies of the Port of Valencia and funding sources, benefit from strategic connections with potential partners, access to networking and mentoring of high value, specific personalized support in areas of business, communication, sales, media impact, etc., everything necessary to enhance the growth of the business project.

The Telefónica Open Future investment ecosystem will also be at the service of the accelerated companies to expand financing options, as well as access to the cluster of companies of the Port of Valencia to create synergies and validate their projects.

In this way, the new startups selected to be accelerated take over from the four startups that have just completed their incubation period, and that on the same day presented the results of their work to the port logistics sector and the entrepreneurial ecosystem that came to the Port of Valencia.

Antonio Torregrosa Jornada Opentop