Canonical Green and its solution for low-risk carbon footprint reduction

    16/05/2023. Canonical Green is currently facing one of the challenges of Opentop’s I Startup Acceleration Program. In this case, the challenge partner is Boluda Corporación Martima, who is looking for low-risk carbon footprint reduction solutions.

    We chatted with Daniel Precioso, Lead Data Scientist of Canonical Green, about their proposal for this challenge and about their experience as part of the Opentop ecosystem.


    How would you define your company?

    Canonical Green aims to be a key player in the green transition through the application of data science. We are a team made up of experts in mathematics and computer science, who met three years ago at the University of Cadiz. From the very beginning we started to collaborate in challenges that had a positive impact, mainly in the fields of health and environment.

    Motivated by our research eagerness and thanks to our excellent teamwork, we participated in several events for the blue economy, made some scientific publications, and even won several international awards in data science. Once we finished our academic period, we decided to found Canonical Green to continue working together in what we like the most: offering sustainable and scalable solutions that contribute to create a greener future.

    Boluda Corporación Marítima, aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations while minimizing investment risk. Is this a need that other ports already have?

    Definitely. And not just other ports, but the entire shipping industry. The International Maritime Organization has launched a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030. Following this goal, the IMO is going to impose strict restrictions on the efficiency rating of ships. Many ships will not be able to travel in a conventional manner, having to resort to «slow steaming» (traveling slowly to reduce their carbon footprint) and seeking optimal routes that ensure the lowest possible consumption.

    These restrictions may go further: this July, the IMO will meet to review its climate strategy. We are at a key moment in the history of the maritime sector, where it is mandatory to innovate and adopt technologies that assist in the ecological transition.

    What is the differential value that Canonical Green offers when it comes to solving this challenge?

    Our biggest bet is the Green Navigation tool, a Google Maps of the sea. Green Navigation can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by optimizing maritime routes, according to the user’s needs. Do you want your sea voyage to be fast? Are you looking for a safe trip? Maybe you prefer an economical and environmentally friendly route. Our tool can find the ideal route for your vessel through the intelligent use of oceanographic conditions.

    Green Navigation adapts to each type of boat to calculate its consumption, emissions and safety parameters. Then, we download the weather forecasts (ocean currents, wind, swell) and use our refined mathematical optimization models to find the best route by sea. The user can choose which criteria to optimize: to reduce consumption and emissions, to improve the safety of the journey, or to arrive in a given time. It is also possible to optimize a combination of all these criteria.


    What is your assessment of your time with Opentop so far, and what services and experiences have you gained the most from it?

    As a company, we have had a very positive experience at Opentop. The opportunity to work closely with the Fundación Valenciaport and other companies in the maritime sector has allowed us to broaden our perspective and gain valuable insights into the needs and challenges of the industry. In addition, the customized incubation and acceleration offered by Opentop has helped us to significantly improve our entrepreneurial skills.

    One of the most valuable aspects of our experience at Opentop has been the interaction with other entrepreneurs and mentors, which has allowed us to learn from other perspectives, and receive feedback and advice from high-level experts. In addition, Opentop’s location in one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean has given us access to an ideal environment to find potential collaborators and clients.

    What would you say to a startup that is thinking about joining the Opentop ecosystem?

    If a startup is looking to boost its business in the maritime or port sector, Opentop is the ideal place to do it. The atmosphere inside the accelerator is excellent, they will easily connect with mentors and will immediately feel «at home». Opentop provides excellent business advice, personalized mentoring, networking opportunities and access to a wide network of contacts. With the support of Opentop and Fundación Valenciaport, a startup has all the tools it needs to succeed in this industry.

    We invite you to learn more about this innovative software tool «Green Navigation» in this short interview to David Gómez-Ullate, Founder & CEO of Canonical Green:

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