«The services and resources offered by Google Cloud can help startups save time and money, and get their products and services to market faster», Xavier Vidal, Enterprise Account Manager at Google

    27/06/2023. Google Cloud is Tech Partner of the III Valenciaport Hackathon supporting participants and winners in the use of Google Cloud. The winning team will receive up to $2000 in Google Cloud credits as well as another $200 in Google Cloud Skills Boosts credits for online courses and hands-on labs. Google Cloud will support in the application process and once the credits are approved they will be able to work hand in hand with the engineering team and partner ecosystem in working sessions to get the most out of these credits.

    Hackathon participants will also be supported by the Google Cloud team in building their proposals, sign up to find out!

    To learn more about Google Cloud and its role and importance for entrepreneurs and startups, we talked to Xavier Vidal, Enterprise Account Manager at Google.

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    What role does Google Cloud play in the development of a technology startup?

    Google Cloud plays a vital role in the development of technology startups. It provides a wide range of services that can help build, scale and secure their business. The services and resources offered by Google Cloud can help startups save time and money, and get their products and services to market faster.

    «Democratization» to access technologies that previously only large corporations could access, for example all the GenAI development that we have been doing for years and now a startup can use with minimal cost and 1 click access. 

    A very deep knowledge of digital channels and online marketing. This allows us to accelerate the growth of B2C startups through recommendations and by applying AI and data-driven marketing in their customer acquisition. 

    Strong support for B2B companies (ISVs and SaaS developers) through our marketplace programs. E.g. Tinybird or Loyal Guru.

    What are the benefits of Google Cloud over the competition?

    Google Cloud offers a variety of tools and resources that can help startups develop and grow their businesses. To give a few examples, 

    The Google for Startups Cloud program: this program provides startups with access to Google Cloud credits, technical training and business support.

    Google Workspace as the default tool to collaborate, communicate and create a culture of agility and innovation. 

    A dedicated team, we believe, with much closer proximity to the startups themselves.

    The Google Cloud Startups blog: this blog provides news, tutorials and best practices on using Google Cloud.

    The Google Cloud Startups community: this community is a forum to connect with other startups and Google Cloud experts.

    How can an entrepreneur get the most out of Google Cloud?

    There are many ways an entrepreneur can make the most of Google Cloud. In addition to the Google for Startups Cloud programs, working with a Google Cloud Partner can help design, deploy and manage your Google Cloud applications. This can save you time and money, and ensure your applications are secure and scalable.

    Start small and scale as needed. You don’t need to use all Google Cloud services right away. Start with the services you need and then scale as your business grows.

    Use the right pricing model. Google Cloud offers a variety of pricing models, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, if you know your usage will be variable, you can use a pay-per-use pricing model.

    Monitor usage. It is important to monitor Google Cloud usage so you can avoid overspending. Google Cloud provides a variety of tools to help you monitor usage.

    Use security best practices. Google Cloud is a secure platform, but it is important to use security best practices to protect your data. For example, you should use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication.


    What is the most important thing for a startup to consider when setting up its IT infrastructure in the cloud?

    The most important thing for a startup to consider when setting up its IT infrastructure in the cloud is scalability. Businesses are constantly growing and changing, so it’s important to have an IT infrastructure that can scale with the business. This means choosing cloud services that are designed to be scalable and planning for future growth.

    Cost: Cloud computing can be a cost-effective way to run a business, but it is important to choose the right cloud services for your needs. Some cloud services are more expensive than others, so make sure you get the best value for your money.

    Easy to Operate: Google Cloud provides the ability to create an infrastructure with very low operations, allowing you to dedicate resources to technical development. Platform oriented to managed and serverless services, available from one console with the control of the environment (users, permissions, billing, projects, etc,…) pre-integrated all in one place. 

    Security: security is a top priority for any business, and it is especially important for startups. When setting up your IT infrastructure in the cloud, you need to make sure your data is secure. 

    Compliance/Regulation: If your business is subject to industry regulations, you need to make sure your IT infrastructure is compliant. Google Cloud has a wide range of features to help you ensure this compliance.

    By considering these factors, startups can set up their cloud IT infrastructure in a way that is scalable, cost-effective, easy to operate, secure and compliant.

    Beyond the excitement of participation and collaboration, the hackathon offers exciting rewards and recognition for the most innovative solutions. The best teams will have the opportunity to win prizes, gain visibility and potentially get support to turn their ideas into reality. It is not just an event, but a launch pad for promising projects and initiatives in the port logistics sector.

    This III Valenciaport Hackathon offers as main prize an economic endowment of 3,000 euros, granted by the Juan Arizo Serrulla Foundation (FJAS), and a second prize of 1,000 euros provided by the association of logistics managers and businessmen Propeller València.

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