Shall we improve the exchange of information between agents in the logistics chain?


29/06/2022. A large number of agents are involved in the logistics transport chain, and most of the time each one uses different platforms, messages and languages, despite international efforts to maintain standards.

In addition, there are several agents and governmental organizations in the logistics transport chain defining new standards (Digital Container Shipping Association, International Maritime Organization, European Union, etc.), making it costly for a logistics company to be integrated with each of these players using different platforms and messages.

Summing up, all these circumstances have opened up a great opportunity to enhance the information exchange between all the actors involved in the logistics transport chain, facilitating and ensuring seamless data interoperability between heterogeneous digital platforms.

We are looking for early-stage startups with technological solutions capable of understanding any type of communication protocol and standards, able to process, classify, store and transform it in order to send the information to different recipients, regardless of the standard they use.

The Opentop Incubation Call for access to this program is open until July 31st, 2022: we look forward to your participation!

We chatted with Alexandre Sánchez, Innovation and Port Cluster Development at Fundación Valenciaport.

Why is this challenge so important to the initiative?

Facilitating the exchange of information between the various stakeholders improves logistics chains and makes them more resilient to stresses, distortions and contingencies. Information only generates value when it is shared, and this is precisely the objective of this challenge.

To ensure that, regardless of the technological platform, standard or protocol used, information systems can «understand each other» and generate value and a positive impact on logistics chains.

What role does innovation play in the future of logistics?

In a changing and uncertain environment such as the one we live in, innovation plays a key role in enabling ports to successfully face the many challenges they face.

What kind of startups are being searched?

We are looking for pre-seeded startups with technological solutions (e.g. AI, ML…) that guarantee a seamless data flow.


Undoubtedly, a great opportunity for startups in the logistics-port sector, and for entrepreneurs who after reading these lines have discovered that their project fits with this wonderful challenge.

We invite you to take a last look at our incubation call and register now, we are waiting for you!


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