We present the TransBase SOLER challenge to create the container of the future


27/06/2022. Since the container appeared in the decade of 1950 it became the biggest revolution in the history of logistics, providing great flexibility in the transportation of different goods, significantly increasing the speed of operations, improving safety and reducing damages.

However, the trade imbalances that have arisen over time and along the logistics chain generate the need for the movement and storage of empty containers, which account for a high percentage of the total number of containers handled worldwide. Despite some recent technological developments, which promise to bring interesting incremental innovations in design and use, the container has barely evolved since its creation.

For that reason, in TransBase SOLER and Opentop are looking for early-stage startups to develop a new concept of container: smarter, more efficient, single-use but, at the same time, recyclable and sustainable, and with new manufacturing and recycling processes such as 3D printing, to avoid as much as possible the movement of empty containers.

We want to revolutionize logistics transport, and we know you can help us. Want to join us?

The call to access this I Incubation Program for Startups is open until July 31st, 2022, we look forward to your participation!

We have chatted about the challenge, the initiative and innovation with Alfredo Soler Martínez, Chief Executive Officer of TransBase Soler.

What needs will be covered with this challenge?

The fact that there are countries that are exclusively producers and exporters, whilst others are merely importers, generates a large, one-way flow of containers.This causes an imbalance and the necessity to move a great volume of empty containers to the producer countries.

These disruptions also trigger a considerable congestion in the importers’ ports, as well as CO2, sulfur and nitrogen oxides emissions.

With this challenge we aim for a circular economy, minimizing to the highest the above mentioned emissions, solving the congestion problem in ports, which gets more important every day, and reducing the logistics cost in the maritime transport sector.

What has prevented the industry from having the container of the future?

Until now, solutions proposed internationally to solve the same problem are based in new models of containers that can be folded or convertible (2 of 20’ into 1 of 40’), but the idea of it being 100% recyclable has never been contemplated, nor manufacturing them with innovative materials that meet the requirements of ISO and the international CSC convention.

This is one of the innovation keys that we hope to solve with this challenge for Opentop’s I Incubation Program.

What role plays innovation in the future of the logistic-ports sector?

I believe that the future of this sector begins with innovation.

From sharing real-time a large amount of data between all the links in the supply chain, predict scales, maximize productivity and operativity of terminals, reduce pollution in the transport means, decongest ports and a long etcetera.

What kind of startups are you looking for?

We are looking for entrepreneurs with the knowledge and technology necessary to make the container of the future real.

From TransBase Soler, with Opentop’s Startups incubation program, we will provide mentoring, contacts and knowledge to launch their entrepreneurial project. In addition, we will share our know-how about entrepreneurship and business, but also, and equally important, about containers shipping and the sector in general.

Without a doubt, a motivating challenge to many startups that we hope to meet through the call to our I Startup incubation Program.

Take a look at our incubation call and register now. Opentop is waiting for you!


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