Meet the challenge of Valencia Port Authority to bring ports and citizens closer through gamification

23/06/2022. Do you want to know the challenge of the Port Authority of Valencia to the call for incubation of the I startup incubation program of Opentop? Let’s go!

The influence that ports have on the welfare of society and in the business fabric that surrounds us is not sufficiently appreciated. Nor do there exist great connections between the citizenship and port facilities, which makes it difficult to create links between the port ecosystem and the average citizen. Let’s fix this!

Port Authority of Valencia is searching for a solution and this challenge, part of the I Opentop Startup Incubation Program, is the ideal place to do so.

We are looking for startups that help citizens approach the Port through the use of gamification: games that are immersive, interactive, entertaining and attractive to strengthen and improve the knowledge of the Port. Let’s make the Port, its agents, activities and goals known!

The call to access this program will be opened until July 31st, 2022: we are looking forward to your participation.

We have talked with Marta Villalonga, Chief of Cabinet of the Presidency of the Port Authority of Valencia, and with Carolina Navarro, Director of Port-City Mobility and Cruises at Fundación Valenciaport.

Why is this challenge so important to the initiative?

Whether we want it or not, generally ports, port activity, logistics, are great unknowns that, however, play an important role in our lives.

During the pandemic it was proven that they are essential sectors and activities in a global economy. Ports create employment, wealth, cultural exchanges, and they are interchange points. However, the access to their facilities is restricted, which hinders the ability to make them known. The actions that are currently carried out -guided visits, port centers, exhibitions, reports…- are useful tools, but limited and insufficient.

Where did the idea for this challenge come from?

Precisely from the impossibility to physically “open” the port to all the citizens due to the security restrictions we have. That is why we launched a similar challenge in the II Valenciaport Hackaton, to open our minds and receive fresh ideas on how to “bring” the port to any citizen.

The Hackaton experience was extremely valuable, the participants designed quite interesting ideas to face the challenge, and, in the world we live in, we have noticed that making the port more approachable in an interactive, immersive and entertaining way is a necessity.

What kind of startups are being searched?

We are looking for early-stage startups with experience in gamification that can bring to the table a solution based on video games, so people can have fun while getting to know the port activity and the importance it has in their lives.

That is nothing! We hope to arouse all the talent, illusion and motivation that the startup ecosystem has.

If you have come this far and you are still not sure, no way! Have another look on our incubation call and apply today. We are waiting for you!


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