Opentop starts its Business Growth Program with technology companies Hydros Power, Synnect Technologies, Sciling and Now Systems

  • Hydros Power will solve the challenge launched by Opentop «Port energy transition and decarbonisation».
  • The company Synnect Technologies enters the programme facing the challenge proposed by the Autoridad Portuaria de València (APV) «Situational awareness of the port police in the Port of Valencia: the case of dangerous goods».
  • Infoport’s challenge «AI to connect different information systems in port transport and logistics» will be tackled by Sciling.
  • Now Systems will be the company that solves the ARSINOE challenge «Adapting ports to climate change».

10/05/2024. Opentop, Valenciaport’s open innovation hub, an initiative led by the Fundacion Valenciaport with the support of the Autoridad Portuaria de València, starts its Business Growth Program with the incorporation of four technology companies (Hydros Power, Synnect Technologies, Sciling and Now Systems) that will face the different innovation challenges after passing the selection process of the last weeks.

Infoport, the Autoridad Portuaria de València, Opentop itself and ARSINOE, have proposed the four challenges of this programme.

The challenge presented by Infoport, seeks the development of AI to connect different information systems in transport and port logistics, for whose solution has been selected the company Sciling, who develop innovative solutions tailored for companies, based on Artificial Intelligence. In this case, the latest natural language processing technologies will be used, specifically large language models (LLM), to transform and adapt the different messages according to the format of each platform. Sciling’s solution involves creating a multilingual system, specialised in port terminology, capable of adding value to the definition of the different messages.

The challenge proposed by the Autoridad Portuaria de València is aimed at Situational awareness of the port police in the Port of Valencia: the case of dangerous goods. For this challenge, the company selected was Synnect Technologies and its RADIANT solution, which allows the detection, monitoring and traceability of assets in real time in ports, using only remote camera and LiDAR measurements.

The challenge launched by Opentop aims to develop solutions for port energy transition and decarbonisation. The company selected was Hydros Power, which develops innovative solutions to accelerate decarbonisation by facilitating the adoption of green hydrogen in mobility. To this end, the company created STELION, a decentralised solution composed of STELION Powertrains, hydrogen propulsion modules that will easily replace current batteries in many applications. Its STELION Capsules solution, on the other hand, will enable rapid refuelling of its powertrains and, finally, its STELION Station solution will be responsible for generating the hydrogen at the place of consumption.

On the other hand, the company Now Systems will work on the ARSINOE challenge, which seeks to adapt ports to climate change. Now Systems proposes its CLEVER TOOL solution, a platform for recording climate events in the Port of Valencia that will allow the port community to record events in the Port, connecting this information with near real-time observations and predictive models.

Opentop’s Business Growth Program

Opentop, the initiative of the Fundacion Valenciaport in collaboration with Wayra, Telefónica’s open innovation unit, is launching the new Business Growth Program, a complete customised programme aimed at boosting the growth of technology companies in the port logistics sector, connecting innovation with potential customers and users. To this end, the participating companies will have access to work hand in hand with leaders in the sector to develop solutions to real challenges proposed by the corporations. In addition, the companies will validate their use cases with a wide network of professional experts and will have the opportunity to find synergies with the other technology companies in the Opentop ecosystem and with the Valenciaport cluster, as well as access to sources of funding and major investors.