Opentop evaluates startups for the Port Energy Transition and Decarbonization Challenge

  • The shortlisted startups, Forest Bank, Everimpact, Hydros Power, Nästa and WevAir, defended their proposals yesterday, before a professional committee, to opt to be part of Opentop’s Business Growth Program

    24/04/2024. Opentop, Valenciaport’s open innovation hub, held yesterday at its facilities the Pitch Day of the challenge proposed by the initiative itself: «Port energy transition and decarbonization».

    The five shortlisted startups, Forest Bank, Everimpact, Hydros Power, Nästa and WeavAir, defended their solutions before a professional committee to opt to be part of Opentop’s Business Growth Program

    The startup chosen to solve this challenge will be announced shortly and will start the program at the end of April along with the startups selected to face the challenges proposed by ARSINOE «Adapting ports to climate change»; the Port Authority of Valencia «Situational awareness of the port police in the Port of Valencia: the case of dangerous goods»; and Infoport «AI to connect different information systems in transport and port logistics», which will also be announced soon.

    On the broad scope of this challenge, Josep Sanz, Director of Energy Transition and Sustainability at the Valenciaport Foundation, commented that «the challenge is shared by the entire maritime port sector, so the solutions to this challenge can have enormous opportunities in the market. With the challenge that we launched from Opentop we want to help a startup to grow based on these opportunities».

    As usual in the initiative’s program, the startup selected for the Business Growth Program will have continuous contact with the leading companies in the sector, and will work hand in hand with Opentop to develop the solution to this real challenge already identified in the industry

    In addition, their use cases will be validated with a wide network of mentors and professionals in a personalized program in which they will receive a comprehensive assessment to focus on the needs identified, as well as the opportunity to find synergies with other startups in the Opentop ecosystem.


    Startups shortlisted for the Opentop challenge

    Forest Bank is the first CO2 footprint measurement and compensation service that uses technology that can be scalable in cost and used by SMEs, offering compensation through the financing of their own reforestation project or the purchase of carbon certificates in its marketplace.

    Everimpact is a software platform for measuring, reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, helping cities and companies to accurately measure emissions with satellite imagery, big data, sensors, etc. 

    Hydros Power, on the other hand, develops innovative solutions to accelerate decarbonization by facilitating the adoption of green hydrogen in mobility.

    Nästa, is a superapp that enables sustainable living by understanding and comparing the footprint of users in each category, and guiding them towards sustainable living with personalized tools, such as a coach (AI-based) and sustainable products and services: energy, green mobility, food, shopping, home, leisure, and much more.

    And finally, WeavAir, a digital twin software that uses satellite data, IoT and AI to monitor and optimize decarbonization projects while improving energy efficiency.


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