“Port energy transition and decarbonization”, Opentop challenge for Business Growth Program

    05/04/2024. Do you know the challenge that Opentop has open for our Business Growth Program?

    The initiative itself is behind this challenge «Port energy transition and decarbonization«, to which startups can submit their proposals until April 14, 2024.

    We talked about this challenge with Josep Sanz, Director of Energy Transition and Sustainability at Fundación Valenciaport.

    How was this need identified and why is the challenge important for the sector? 

    The maritime port sector is no stranger to the energy transition process in which we are currently immersed. Specifically, in the ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandía the defined objective is to aspire to be neutral in greenhouse gas emissions in 2030, for which it is necessary to radically transform the technologies currently in use, drastically reducing the use of fossil fuels. We are launching this challenge to rely on the technology and innovation of startups that can provide innovative solutions.

    What opportunities can the solution to this challenge have in the market?

    The challenge is shared by the entire maritime port sector, so solutions to this challenge can have huge opportunities in the market. With the challenge we launched at Opentop we want to help a startup to grow based on those opportunities.

    What kind of startups are you looking for to solve this challenge? 

    We are looking for startups with innovative solutions that can help reduce the carbon footprint of port operations and facilitate the energy transition of the port, logistics and maritime industries. We are open to listen to any innovative approach, for example in areas such as new renewable energy sources, microgeneration, CO2 emission reduction solutions, CO2 capture and absorption technologies, and CO2 emission offsetting are areas of interest. Also, information technology-based solutions to better manage and optimize energy production, distribution and consumption.

    Have you tried to solve this challenge before, and how?

    Yes, there are multiple initiatives being carried out in the sector, and specifically from the Valenciaport Foundation we are participating in multiple R+D+i projects aimed at decarbonizing the sector and testing these technologies in the Port of Valencia.The II Valenciaport Hackathon, held last year, served to generate new and interesting ideas.Also through initiatives submitted to the Ports 4.0 calls have gone along these lines. We believe that innovation is key to achieve this goal and we want to continue exploring new solutions and approaches to achieve the goal. To startups that are thinking about applying, I would say do not hesitate to sign up to the call, we are open to hear any innovative approach that can have a significant impact and can become a reality in a short space of time.


    The challenge in detail

    One of the main targets of “Fit for 55” package for the future European energy system is to reduce Greenhouse emissions at least by 55% until 2030. This will be achieved mainly by increasing renewable energy sources production and limiting the usage of fossil fuels and integrating green technologies (energy efficiency, local storage, e-mobility, etc). Different industries, like the transport sector, need to adapt its energy systems, reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, absorb them and/or compensate them.

    Valenciaport is addressing the energy transition with its leading decarbonisation plans and its goal to being a net zero-emissions port by 2030. We believe innovation is key to achieve this goal. There are a number of projects and initiatives for energy transition and decarbonisation of port operations at the ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandía.

    New renewable energy sources, microgeneration, CO2 emissions reduction, CO2 absorption and capture technologies as well as CO2 emissions compensation are areas of interest. Information technologies have also a say in decarbonization like energy management and optimization platforms, blockchain based solutions applied to energy traceability and the certification of CO2 compensation and/or renewable fuels production.

    We are looking for startups with innovative solutions that can help to reduce the carbon footprint of port operations and ease the energy transition of port, logistics and maritime industries.

    Don’t miss the opportunity and apply to this challenge before April 14th, 2024!


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