Valenciaport studies the creation of the first large-scale vertical photovoltaic park in Spain through Opentop Labs

    Valenciaport is studying the creation of the first large-scale vertical photovoltaic park in Spain. The Port of Valencia is testing the use of solar panels on a strip of wall of the North Dock in order to test the feasibility and efficiency of the installation on a small scale. The clean energy generation capacity will determine the construction of a larger project that aspires to become the first large vertical photovoltaic park designed in a port at international level.

    This innovative project is the result of the work carried out in the Opentop Labs – the open innovation Hub of the Fundación Valenciaport – whose objective is to promote innovation and validate the application of new technologies in the port logistics sector.

    The IT3, a unique solution developed and registered by the Valencian startup SunnerBOX, will be used for this purpose. The IT3 consists of a matrix system of photovoltaic panels arranged on a mesh stretched with suspenders and tensioners anchored directly on the dock. This system, apart from taking advantage of the existing infrastructure, saves structural costs, speeds up installation, facilitates maintenance and makes the project more viable.

    This pilot test is being carried out in collaboration with the Center for Research in Project Management, Innovation and Sustainability (PRINS) of the UPV. It consists of 21 photovoltaic modules of 410 W each, which represents an installed power of 8.6 KWp. During the test, the energy generated and the dynamic behavior of the structure will be measured in real time through sensors of different types. The energy generated by the different arrays in isolated configuration will be used to power the sensor system itself.

    Once the two-month test period has elapsed, if the test results are optimal, the APV will seek the best means of financing to implement the installation on the dock on a larger scale. 


    Opentop Labs

    Opentop laboratories provide startups and technology companies the connection between research and theoretical innovation, entrepreneurship and the market, enabling the development of prototypes, demonstration, pilot projects, testing and validation of both products and processes or new services, in an environment representative of real operating conditions, thanks to simulators and sandboxes (test environments), as well as in real environments in the living labs of the Ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia.

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