«The expected results are to increase the production of renewable energy in the Port», Federico Torres, Director of the Ecological Transition Area at APV

    26/06/2023. The Port Authority of Vàlencia is a partner challenge of the III Valenciaport Hackathon proposing the challenge «Optimization of renewable energy generation, distribution and management for the decarbonization of the port» which seeks to explore new ways to optimize the management of renewable energy and its distribution in the port area. The aim is to maximize the use of clean energy sources, such as solar, wind and other renewable energies, and to guarantee an efficient distribution of the energy generated.

    The main objectives of this challenge posed by the APV are focused on finding innovative ideas, suitable for the port environment, that allow it to incorporate renewable energy production for use in non-conventional applications, find the most appropriate options for energy storage, and define how should be the tools or platforms or management systems of the different energy sources (at least wind, photovoltaic, storage, etc.), their measurement, distribution, storage and economic, social and environmental impact.

    With this objective in mind, we have talked to Federico Torres Monfort, Director of the Ecological Transition Area of Port Authority of Vàlencia to learn more about this challenge.

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    How was this need identified and what is its relevance for the company?

    The Zero Emissions Plan of the Port Authority of Vàlencia includes, among other actions, the use of renewable energies for self-consumption. The use of electrical energy in the ports and due to this process of decarbonization, where the electrification of many of the equipment and processes is taking place gradually, means that the consumption of electrical energy is increasing year after year.

    It is therefore important to use renewable energies to produce this increase in electrical energy and thus contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

    What are the potential opportunities that this challenge could offer in the market?

    The use of renewable energies in places or in processes different from the usual ones can be a great opportunity for those companies that propose innovative solutions and whose capacity to produce electrical energy is important and easy to reproduce in different locations.

    What do you expect from your participation in the Hackathon?

    The expected results are to increase the production of renewable energy in the Port, either with the use of «traditional» energies, wind, photovoltaic, etc. but in sites/locations that were not the usual ones and whose production could be interesting in terms of amount of energy produced or using disruptive technologies for the same purpose.


    Has an attempt been made to solve this challenge before, and how?

    Yes, alternatives and possible solutions are being explored. For example the use of traditional photovoltaics, but in exposed waters. There are many examples of photovoltaic in «calm» waters, but not in exposed waters, and here comes the challenge, how should be the support to be used, rigid, or semi-rigid, to absorb the evolutions of the sea, what kind of anchorage, etc.

    Beyond the excitement of participation and collaboration, the hackathon offers exciting rewards and recognition for the most innovative solutions. The best teams will have the opportunity to win prizes, gain visibility and potentially get support to turn their ideas into reality. It is not just an event, but a launch pad for promising projects and initiatives in the port logistics sector.

    This III Valenciaport Hackathon offers as main prize an economic endowment of 3,000 euros, granted by the Juan Arizo Serrulla Foundation (FJAS), and a second prize of 1,000 euros provided by the association of logistics managers and businessmen Propeller València.

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    Federico Torres APV