«Our challenge will significantly help consolidators to optimize their ocean container transport costs», Joan Carafí, Business Solutions Director of ROMEU

    16/06/2023. The company ROMEU is partner challenge of the III Valenciaport Hackathon proposing the challenge «Container optimization and last minute pricing» which seeks a solution to optimize the use of containers in regular lines, detecting in advance the empty spaces and offering them to potentially interested customers in each case, at the optimal price in order to complete the load of the same, increasing the profitability of transport and ensuring a more responsible use that reduces the environmental impact of transport.

    For this and other objectives, the company is committed to data-driven innovation, making decisions and taking actions based on information. Therefore, participants will have access to data on operations over the last 5 years, quotes and self-quotes, and web shares.

    With this objective in mind, we have talked to Joan Carafí, Business Solutions Director of ROMEU about this challenge to learn more details.

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    What opportunities could this challenge have in the market and could it be applied to other logistics sectors outside the port?

    This challenge will significantly help consolidators to optimize their ocean container transport costs by generating commercial opportunities for additional cargo acquisition.

    It can be applied to other logistics sectors where cargo is consolidated and the optimization of transport costs is a decisive point in margin improvement, e.g. land transport with truck optimization or air transport for aircraft cargo optimization.

    What role should innovation play in meeting this challenge?

    Innovation plays a key role, as it is expected to automate operational and commercial processes and generate possible algorithms or programs that predict or detect situations in which optimization is not optimal and propose or carry out different actions that help to attract additional cargo and therefore improve cost/margin optimization.

    What do you expect from your participation in the Hackathon?

    An external vision with innovative proposals that are a starting point for the implementation of a global solution to the set of proposed challenges.

    Opportunity to collaborate and learn from other teams and professionals from different disciplines, which could enrich the proposed solution.


    Has an attempt been made to solve this challenge before, and how?

    The current process of attracting additional cargo for container optimization is a manual and laborious process with a relatively low success rate. Optimization and generation of alerts or commercial proposals is key to increase the success rate.

    Beyond the excitement of participation and collaboration, the hackathon offers exciting rewards and recognition for the most innovative solutions. The best teams will have the opportunity to win prizes, gain visibility and potentially get support to turn their ideas into reality. It is not just an event, but a launch pad for promising projects and initiatives in the port logistics sector.

    This III Valenciaport Hackathon offers as main prize an economic endowment of 3,000 euros, granted by the Juan Arizo Serrulla Foundation (FJAS), and a second prize of 1,000 euros provided by the association of logistics managers and businessmen Propeller València.

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    Joan Carafí Interview