馃摴 Opentop: first-year milestones and next steps

    Opentop is an initiative of the Fundaci贸n Valenciaport in collaboration with Telef贸nica Open Future in the Port of Valencia to promote open innovation between port logistics corporations and startups.

    Currently, Opentop is about to complete the first cycle of innovation after holding a hackathon, 4 incubated startups, and 4 accelerated startups.

    The team is ready to take open innovation in the port logistics sector to the next level, following the first milestones of this period.

    The Opentop team, led by Jorge Marcos, Lead Project Manager of the project, reflects on this work together with its technology partner Telef贸nica Open Future, and Agust铆n Moro, Global Director Partnerships Telef贸nica Open Innovation.

    Discover the startups that are already part of the Opentop Ecosystem, and also learn about the projects of the startups that are currently being accelerated.

    Stay tuned for details on the next Valenciaport Hackathon, Opentop’s next highlight, and we look forward to seeing you there!


    Opentop milestones