Opentop ecosystem startups Gandolapp, Sensing Tools and Code Contract at 4YFN

    22/03/2023. Opentop ecosystem startups share their impressions on the significance of the connection between the port logistics sector and open innovation.

    We chatted with Jose M. Juan, CEO and Co-Founder of Gandolapp; Beatriz Turumbay, CMO & Project Manager Code Contract; and Hector Fernández Bueno, Co-CEO Sensing Tools.


    What is your overall feedback on 4YFN?

    Gandolapp: We found it to be the ideal place to connect with other startups, disruptors, investors, acceleration programs and curious people looking for process optimization and innovation through the use of technology in different sectors. Opentop gave us an opportunity that we probably could not have had as a startup, considering the resources that startups usually have. Connecting with the investment, technological and institutional ecosystem in Spain and Europe was very powerful for our next stages of development.

    Code Contract: Positive, especially the first day of the event, being able to count on a space within Wayra during the afternoon gave us some confidence with investors and notoriety of current and future customers.

    Sensing Tools: The week of March 27th Sensing Tools was fortunate to be able to participate in 4YFNN and we couldn’t be happier and more grateful for this opportunity.

    Has the connection with the ecosystem in the different stands where Opentop has been present been useful for you?

    Gandolapp: Without a doubt. Having connected with people from Wayra, Valencia Activa, Port of Valencia and other startups has allowed us to extend our possibilities to continue growing.

    Code Contract: Yes, since some users who contacted us during the week of 4YFN went to the Opentop source to learn more in detail and have a reference of what we are developing in the logistics-port sector.

    Sensing Tools: The 4YFN resulted in some very productive days in which we were able to establish synergies with other national startups and where we were able to show a technical demo of our monitoring and prediction solution incorporating citizen feedback at the Wayra stand. José María Álvarez-Pallete, president of Telefónica, stopped by the stand and made several comments about our solution, the market and the short-medium term growth prospects. He gave us a lot of value through his insights. The feedback we received during the event was unbeatable and we were very motivated with the hopeful future ahead of us.

    What is your opinion about what Opentop brings to the port logistics ecosystem?

    Gandolapp: We have always said it: Opentop lands innovation between the customer who has the «pain» and the startups capable – and motivated – to solve that pain through innovation, we are very satisfied with the opportunity.

    Code Contract: Offers a bridge of connection between companies already established in the port sector and startups that want to implement disruptive developments.

    Sensing Tools: Once again, we are very grateful to Opentop, Wayra and Telefónica Open Future for the opportunity and support we are receiving. They are offering us many possibilities for high quality networking, getting more information on how to bring the greatest possible value with our product in the port ecosystem and, best of all, we are feeling very accompanied in this process.

    If you want to discover more about Opentop Valenciaport innovation HUB  and its initiatives, take a look at our website! 

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