Best project management tools for your business

Having a startup can be complicated since an enormous to-do list can overwhelm you and your team. For this reason, having help to manage projects and tasks is becoming increasingly important for every startup.

Fortunately, we live in the digital era, so a lot of online tools have been developed in order to make project management easier. There are plenty of options that you can choose, so if you are asking yourself which ones are better and which tool you should use, don’t worry, the Opentop team has made a list of some of the best project management tools so you know the best options at the moment.

Why use project management tools?

These types of tools are essential in every startup organization. It’s a great way to unify in one platform all your team members and projects, they also allow you to delegate tasks, elaborate to-do lists, organize your startup team, increase your productivity and improve your internal communication. So, now that you know this, we bet that you’re no longer still asking yourself if you should use them or if you shouldn’t.

Management project tools for your startup

Trello. This is one of the best known and popular tools, and you can use it for free. Trello allows you to elaborate different boards for each project where you can keep your tasks organized, specify the due date and the team member who has to do it. Furthermore, you can include chronograms, calendars or statistics in those boards. In this way you can see everything that you have to do in a project just at a glance.

Teamwork. This tool has a drag-and-drop interface, and It’s a great option to schedule and track projects. And one of its main features is that it allows you to upload and manage your files using DropBox, Google Drive, Box and Jira. Furthermore, using Teamwork Chat Instant Messenger you can chat in real time with your team and clients. The free version allows you to include two projects and five team members.

Basecamp. Another of our favorite useful tools for your startup team management is Basecamp. Plan calendars, fix due dates, assign tasks to a team member, generate projects reports, share files between team members, chat online… These are only a few of the things that Basecamp allows you to do, and that’s what makes it a great tool for every startup and business. It costs is 99.00$ per month.

Asana. This is one of the most used tools all over the world. It has a very intuitive interface where you can make boards of your projects which shows you the cutoff dates, which tasks have been completed and which not. Asana also does reports which shows you the progress of each different project. Moreover, Asana allows itself to be integrated with external apps, so, by doing this, you and your team would have all the information in one place. On the free version you can have unlimited projects, but only a maximum of fifteen team members.

Todoist. Although Todoist is, maybe, the most simple tool of this list, it’s still a great option for every startup project’s management. In Todoist you can make interactive tasks lists, where you can specify the priority of each task. In order to be more organized you can also classify these lists in different projects. Furthermore, it has some templates to inspire you and to make your lists more aesthetic. It has a free plan and some premium plans that give you more features.


Now it’s time for you to have a look at each one of these tools and decide which fits your startup better. This list is only one of the resources that Opentop, the Valenciaport innovation HUB, offers to every startup. If you want more advice like this and to know more about our initiative, we invite you to know Opentop. We are waiting for you!

Project Managment Tools