The story behind our name, Opentop

Opentop, the Valenciaport innovation HUB, searches for revolutionary ideas for the port logistics industry, but why is it called “Opentop” and what does it mean?

Today we are going to explain the story behind our name, so if you are curious, we suggest you continue reading this post!

We borrowed our name from a type of maritime container: the open top, which has a removable roof made of canvas instead of a solid one. This is designed for the purpose of transporting heavy loads or loads of large dimensions. Our startup incubator resembles an open top, as we are a container too, a talent one. Inside us we contain every startup that has the aim of facing and resolving challenges of the port logistics sector.

All the talent making an effort to find innovative ideas and solutions for every problem in this sector in order to improve it, has a place in our HUB, and that, without any doubt, isn’t a light load. Nevertheless, as the open top container isn’t afraid of heavy loads, we aren’t afraid of hard challenges, because our ambition faces them, and so it’s shown by our objective: take the innovation and digitalisation of the port sector to the next level.

That’s why our innovation HUB is named after the open top containers!

But this isn’t the only reason for our name election. As you can see, our name is composed of two words that define us perfectly. The first one is “open”, since, in Opentop, we are always searching for new ideas and are never closed to innovation.

Like we said before, all the talent that finds innovative solutions has a place in our HUB. And we aren’t looking for just any ideas or startups, but for the ones that are the best, and that’s the reason for the second part of our name, “top”. That’s why Opentop defines our essence, because we are open for top solutions and startups.

If this sounds good to you and matches your startup, business or project’s line of thought, you should stay tuned to Opentop, because we have so much in comun, we are waiting for you!

What do we do in Opentop

As we said, Opentop, the Valenciaport innovation HUB, desires to resolve every challenge related to the port logistics sector.

In order to carry out these ambitious objectives, we organize different activities and events throughout the year such as the Valenciaport Hackathon, which consists of awards that search for innovatives ideas and prototypes which can solve specific challenges.

Another of our activities is the Opentop incubation program, which first Call was successfully closed last 31 of July. This program has the aim of contributing to the construction and fast growth of the idea of the incubated projects and will begin this October, in it, a professional team will mentorize and accompany the projects for 3 months.

In Opentop we also have an acceleration program, destined to more mature startups, and its first Call will be open very soon, so we recommend you to stay tuned to find out every detail about it!

Our work takes place in the Port of Valencia, a city open to the world and to innovation. This is a strategic location because it’s an unique enclave that connects its terminals with more than 1,000 ports around the world.

This makes the Port of Valencia the leading Spanish port in terms of container traffic and the fourth largest in Europe. For this reason, Opentop, the Valenciaport Innovation HUB, has the purpose of building safer, smarter, and more sustainable ports, so that’s why we are looking for revolutionary ideas for the port industry.

And this adventure has just begun, so if you want to keep up to date with all the news of Opentop innovation HUB or be part of it, we invite you to get to know us!

Opentop, story about our name