«Grow more interest and attract key talent in the container business domain». Interview to Kumaran Ramu from Navis

What does Navis do?

Terminal Operations

Today’s modern marine terminals must operate at peak productivity and efficiency. With 30+ years of experience working with leading terminal operators, Navis delivers the industry’s premier software system and applications for optimizing every facet of facility operations.

Carrier & Vessel Solutions

Maritime solutions to improve the safety, efficiency and environmental performance for ocean carriers, vessel owners, managers and charterers.

Rail Planning & Intermodal Operations

Rail planning optimization and terminal operating systems to maximize throughput, increase utilization and gain control of rail operations.

What role does innovation play in your company?

At Navis we believe that innovation is part of the culture. We thrive to look for opportunities to innovate at every step of the way, from technology to the software development process. It’s not just a buzzword, it’s bred into the thought process. The wide range of products we offer at Navis are the result of all the great ideas. Be it legacy solutions or automation solutions or cloud based offerings, innovation plays a pivotal role at Navis.

What do you expect from your participation in the Hackathon?

A few things are worth repeating. We see the hackathon as an incubator of innovation; so we want to contribute to cultivate new ideas. In the world of software development, we would like to grow more interest and attract key talent in the container business domain. Also, as a leader in the TOS provider market, we want to establish our presence and commitment to empower the growing industry.

A final thought for the people who are going to participate in your challenge

Yard decking is one of the complex problems in container terminal operations. It incurs lots of time and cost when it is not done right. The container business is growing multifold every year and it’s crucial to optimize the decking to keep up with the demands. We are actively exploring newer dimensions to further optimize it and see it as a good fit for the hackathon. Go on, hack fun!




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